Public Speaking/Consulting

If you need a speaker who can make a big group laugh, learn, and ponder things about love and relationship, please contact me soon. I am available for public speaking/consulting engagements anywhere in the state. Whether you have a small or a big audience, I can easily adapt to the nature of the event and the type of participants. Consulting can also be set after the talk and a one on one counseling session is also possible. You can invite me in corporate events and private organization-sponsored gatherings. You can also tap my services if your event or seminar is about personality development, stress management, and the like.

The audience can expect a no-dull-moment public talk and no non-sense advice from me. I usually talk about real life experiences to which everyone can relate to. Sharing real life experience is a sure way to attract the attention of every participant. This is one of the approaches I used in my book Un-suck Your Love Life, which is available in paperback, digital copy, and audio book. I usually share some of the contents of this book to my audience to give them more insights about saving and nurturing relationships. I may not have an impressive credential as a public speaker, but I can surely drive crowds into laughter and engaging discussion. Call now or send me an email so I can discuss further my public speaking/consulting services. Don’t worry about your budget since I only charge reasonable professional fees for local public speaking engagements.

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