One on One Unprofessional Advice

Most problematic relationships deal with unsettled differences, family concerns, unmet expectations, infidelity, lack of appreciation, and other frequently discussed conflicts in relationships, yet they remain to be major causes of break ups. Married couples or those in a domestic relationship would encounter slightly different problems than those who are not yet living together. Couples who share the same roof would need to embrace not only the positive and negative traits of their partner, but also the habits that they’ve learned from their own household. Whatever problems you have, it’s never too late to save or improve your relationship. I can surely help you by giving you a one on one unprofessional advice.

My one-on-one counseling is usually done by sharing experiences and taking note of the situation of the couple. It will be a talk on real-life situations whereby couples could easily identify with. There would be a series of questions in order to evaluate the status of the relationship. The approach my include interviewing both parties together or separately to pinpoint the difficulties that they currently experience. This will in turn allow me to determine which issues are discussed by the couple openly and which ones are not. I recommend solutions only when the issues or conflicts have been identified and discussed with the couple. Creating a relaxing atmosphere during the counseling session is a must since tension does not go hand in hand with resolutions.

It is not too late to save a rocky relationship. Maybe you just need a one on one unprofessional advice from me and everything will be smooth-sailing once more. Dial (323) 533-5031 now and talk to the love guru to Un-suck Your Love Life!

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