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Does your love life suck? Do you know a friend or relative whose love life sucks? How long has your love life sucked? Have you exhausted every option to Un-Suck it? What are some of the things you can do to Un-Suck it? It's funny you asked!

Hi, I'm Author Eddy Rubin and I am an absolute expert, I mean well versed, I mean self-appointed guru in love life "protocol." The thing that makes me the authority first, is how I actually obtained such a goddess of a woman now my wife and second, how I "kept" the goddess, which, has led me to make a conscious commitment to my marriage and family that is well into its fifteen year mark and on its way to the eternal love palace!

For your edification, I have used blatant honesty, raw perspective and an iron strong opinion to deliver this literary breakthrough. Will you laugh? Absolutely! Will you try not to laugh and laugh uncontrollably? Probably! Will you be empowered and reconnected? Heck yah! Will your love lives both men, and women, be better because of reading this book? Are you f---ing kidding me?

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I am a human manufactured in Detroit. My mother coddled me in a warm blanket of love, affection and motivation! In turn I failed school, became a degenerate and decided to turn my life around all by the age of ten. From that point nothing but greatness has accompanied my journey to live every morsel of every moment as if it were the last! Something like that!


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  • "This is fantastic! The title and humor will bring lots of attention and purchasing! You were never a degenerate!" 👍 💖

    Aunt Phyllis
  • "We have received and completed our review of Un-Suck Your Love Life! and we believe your work would make a positive addition to our Dorrance Publishing list of titles. This manuscript is a relationship self-help book written for readers who would like to alter their romantic lives. The book is presented in two sections; each section focuses on gender-specific dating and romantic advice. Both sections of the book emphasize the work one needs to put into a relationship in order to have a loving partnership. Mr. Rubin writes about the importance of proper grooming and hygiene while looking for a partner. The work in a relationship never stops. Mr. Rubin discusses the importance of communication and physical affection in maintaining loving relationships."
    Dorrance Publishing

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